Going There and Doing Things

Second Session

The characters begin their assault upon the kobold lair. Ted, Justin, and Charles engaged the Dragonshield in the Circle of +1 Attack Rolls, as well as a Slinger, a Slink, and some Minions. Jim snuck around from the rear, sniping Minions left and right as they were facing toward the other adventurers. The Slink would have escaped and gotten more reenforcements, but it was killed as it ran away. The kobolds were destroyed easily, and Charles learned a new way to use his abilities. The adventurers continued on into the heart of the kobold lair. This encounter featured lots of Minions, and a few Skirmishers. The adventurers stealthily crept into the cave. Then Charles was betrayed by a -4 stealth modifier! He made some noise, which was heard by the kobolds. Luckily, he was able to successfully Bluff and say in Draconic (the native language of the kobolds) “Ouch! My toe!”. Jim was then free to sneak around knifing kobolds in the back. He killed two that way, but then the sound of bodies hitting the floor alerted the others and they rushed the adventurers. Utilizing the combo attack he discovered in the previous encounter, Charles first blew his lightning Dragon Breath in a 5-square radius (25 square feet) Area of Effect attack, which ROFLstomped the kobolds, killing all 10 Minions and damaging a Skirmisher. But that was just his Minor action. He then was able to execute a Standard action attack and deal yet more damage to the Skirmisher. The other PCs took their turns, each dealing lots of damage. Then the surprise round ended. After this wonderful beginning, the adventurers swiftly dispatched 13 kobolds in three (3!) turns, a drastic change to the 3-hour, 5-kobold battle of last session. Then came the second wave, with 2 Denwardens, a Ted-dreaded Wyrmpriest, and a Boss goblin named Irontooth, who has 106 HP and who dual-wields battleaxes. After the rousing success of the previous wave, the players were fairly nonchalant about facing just four enemies. That was soon to change. The tough monsters fought well, and the players rolled terribly (1’s and 2’s!). The session ended with Justin at full health and high (21) initiative, Ted and Charles both around 20 HP and with poor initiative, and Jim at pretty much full health. The monsters are all still alive, and all at almost full health.



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